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My name is Jacob Robert Gavulic. I served in the United States Air Force from 2010-2016 until medical issues resulted in a medical discharge. I served as a Tactical Air Control Party Specialist and Joint Terminal Attack Controller and achieved the rank of Staff Sargent during my Air Force career.

I was involved with fitness and strength sports during my time in the Air Force; however, as I transitioned to civilian life I got away from lifting weights and slowly started to have increased stress, anxiety, and depression. I decided I needed a change for my mental and physical health but mainly my mental health. I decided to get back into weight lifting and surprisingly it became like therapy to me. After training consistently and seeing my mental health improve greatly along with physical strength, I made the choice to start competing in both Strongman and Powerlifting competitions. The other thing I started doing was encouraging my activity duty and veteran friends to start lifting for the mental health aspects I gained. I also started working within my local gym as well as other gyms within my state helping people get involved in weight lifting. I reached out to an incredible coach who told me about Heroes' Movement. And I was excited about the awesome work they do and am moved by Heroes' Movement's support to help me compete and in so doing grow the mission. I am deeply honored to help promote mental health to veterans through weight lifting and the amazing opportunity given to me by Heroes' Movement.

I'm competing in my first USPA meet August 21st at Anvil of Crom in Kenai, AK. The grand total out of pocket is $2,200 for the year. This includes hotel, gas, registration, and much needed equipment upgrades.

I look forward to progressing in my sports, promoting Heroes' Movement, and most of all helping other veterans’ mental health through weight lifting.