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"Strengthen Our Nation's Veterans" with Heroes' Movement

Help our warriors bridge the gap between physical & mental hurdles and feeling strong again.

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Message from Owner Christian Rusnock:

"Ever since I mentored under EXOS and personally met Tyler Wilkins (EXOS ATC) we discussed the work he did with Marcus Luttrell and many other veterans. I said that we can do the same at our facility. But I wasn't sure how to "get the ball rolling" until I heard Mike McKay on the strength coach podcast - and my question was answered. I had met Mike at Mike Boyle's training facility in 2013, and I am extremely blessed and honored to have our gym affiliated with Heroes’ Movement. It has really made a difference in our veteran community! Thanks, Mike, for starting such a great organization."

Rusnock Mission:

To provide the finest systems, coaching, and facilities, seamlessly integrated to efficiently and ethically enhance our athletes’ performance.


Remaining true to our athletes and mission, all training techniques, methods, and nutritional supplementation are safe and ethical.


RSP&F applies systems that generate results. We will provide you with the tools you need to perform at your highest level. RSP&F is solely dedicated to helping you maximize your potential by:

Improving performance (career productivity)

Decreasing injury potential (career longevity)

Motivating through education (strategies for success)

Helping you achieve your goals is our passion and priority. Every program places a major emphasis on the educational components of training. Only by understanding our specific training methods, and how each applies to your sport, can you truly achieve greater success. Each athlete/client will undergo a Functional Movement Screen prior to any one on one training. With this screen we can pinpoint any dysfunction the individual has and then create a specific program for that individual. In fact, RSPF is the only facility in the 156 zipcode certified to administer this screen.